Paulo Coelho

February 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The combination of two words for one of the phenomenal great writer in this century is Sir Paulo Coelho. His writing are exceptionally very nice and wise. One cannot explain why I am writing these words on this man but I should appreciate what he is doing. He is multi talented human. You can see in his eyes everything that you are going to get from him.

Those written words by him will always remind us of wisdom and will help thousand others in their life some way or another. I just saw couple of videos of him. He has come up with new book called “The witch of portobello”.

I hear him saying that writing is very lonely process where one become alone but when he comes out of that aloneness then he realizes that he has great impact in society, country and most importantly people’s mind.

I really appreciate what he is doing for human kind, peace and prosperity of society and countries. He is exceptional writer and thousand people like him just because you can trust him, you can trust his words and you can learn from his words. Well done Paulo !

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