Do not use word "Deadline"

February 26, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Do not use the word deadline. It reminds me of the something negative. It is not good to use the word called Dead+Line. Is something that is not positive. I realize once that we quite often use this word in case of doing some assignments or some exercises or some major or any kind of work. Why do we use the word called Deadline ? Yes, It is quite true that one should use this word in case of the completion of the work but have anybody ever thought this word can also cause you more stress than anything else. Have anybody realize the fact that the word is negative. Dead represent end. End itself is negative and negative can never be positive. Why not use some other words instead of using the word called deadline. Why not to use completion date or something similar. What I think is whoever created this word should banned the word especially in Academic world.

Yes, you can do thousand research on this idea what I am presenting but you will come up with one conclusion at the end and that conclusion which I think is appropriate. Do not use the word called Deadline. Instead some other alternatives. Please. Why ? The word will cause stress in the mindset of every students around the world. There might be some exceptions, their might be some one who will surely disagree but What I think is its not good to use. It causes stress, demoralizes and it demands more. My experience do not tell me that these words should not be used but use it in some funny ways.

It depends on every individual personal interest’s towards what he likes and what he do not but the word which is used in academic field a matter of concerns because change is required in this aspect also.

It is just the matter of time when we will completely change the way we speak. Everything we do and everything we are bounded with should be funny and interesting rather stressful and boring.

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