Where is heaven or hell ?

February 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you ask this question then you will come up with some very funny answers and some totally vague. Well, what do you think ? Where is this place called heaven or hell ? What I believe is very much similar now what you might think.

Some of you might think that heaven is in some place where we will reach only after we are dead. After our death we will reach to this place which is called heaven. If we do great deeds in our present life we will surely see the place called heaven. This is also the concept we have in our Hindu culture. I remember my parents saying once to me that- There is no heaven or hell. Everything is here in this planet, here alone.

Forget about the place called heaven or hell ! It does not exits. What exist is just what you are seeing now. That is your heaven or hell. It is your interpretation of what you are facing now at present. We are very good at judging the place, country, religion or sex. Without experience whatever we judge or say something about is meaningless, useless- People want to see or hear more about your experiences then something which does not give any meaning to them.Tell about your experience do not tell or judge something just like that.

Coming to the point where is the heaven, Heaven is there where our heart is. Hell is there where our hatred is.

I don’t know from where this line came in my mind.This is what I think. The heart full of love consists of heaven and the heart which has hatred lies the hell. It is our heart where these two words lies. Whenever we talk about love, life and about family we know what we are talking about and we mean it.

Heaven is there where our heart lies, where our heart wants to be always and most importantly where in our heart lies the mysterious word called “love”. The place is hell if we do not have that capability to keep the word called “love”.

Do not differentiate between anything either it is words or either it is country or culture or whatever. Every thing is good, every food you made is good, every bar you visit is nice, every girl you see is beautiful, every clothes you were is perfect, every smile you make is awesome, every writing you write is nice, every songs you sing is outstanding, every place you visit is beautiful, every acting you do is marvelous, every lectures you attend is exquisite, every movies you watched is perfect and nice movie, every boy or girl you see are intelligent only thing that you need is the way you see them !

“Beauties lies in the eyes of beholder”. Yes it does ! Only difference that exist is how you see them. See the different pattern in the sky every day. They are just for you. To make you smile, to give you pleasure that you are alive and to say you that you are in heaven. See with clear vision and clear mindset you will get what you want.

  1. February 25, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Heaven is there where our heart is?? Is it? Well, I know the saying “Home is where our heart is” Maybe the heaven can be there also. But I think that the heart is what take us to heaven. It does not matter where it is, it only matters will we get there. What is more, is your heaven my heaven also?

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