Right Vs Wrong

February 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

How do you judge some one ? How can I tell that I am right and my words are mine and mine alone. How can I verify that the words that are coming from my mind are mine and not of some body else. To verify and validate what we speak is one thing and to prove it that what we speak is another.

Two friends were having a discussion on some general topic. One of the friend said that he is right on what he is speaking, another one argued and said no you are wrong, I am right ! Well, This is what happens when both wants to win. One has to loose and who will prove that you are right or you are wrong.

To understand the psychology of human is one the difficult task man can even imagine to find. First you need to understand yourself. To understand who you are is just like study of science where there is no shortcuts to it. Similarly to understand and let’s say I am right and you are wrong another task. Whatever we speak and whatever we think we say is correct might not be correct. It can go wrong. “To err is human.” Is there any way that we can prove whatever we speak is absolutely correct and it is not wrong. Yes there is one way.

The true meaning of finding you are right or wrong is your intellectual capabilities and your understanding of substance or subject. If you are absolutely certain about the thing you know you can say that yes, this is correct by so and so data…in so and so..

There are people in world who wants to say that they are right and whatever you speak is absolutely correct. Here I am not pointing to any specific people. So, The fact is the words that we speak sometimes we think we are right but it goes wrong because we have to remember that we are not perfect in storing what we have read, or what we have learnt. Our memory is not exactly like the comptuer hard disk where we store and retrieve it later when we need it and it will give you the same exact data.

I don’t know may be I talking crap here but it might make sense. There will be fight between right vs wrong and it will go on. Every country wants to prove that I am right and others are wrong. Every culture wants to show that they are right and others are wrong and every religion does want to show the same.

The fight between these two variables will never end and it will go on. The day it stops we can say that day beginning to new era of civilization.

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