Researcher Mr. X

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Give me a bread to eat, I will give you idea for research

What do you think people of this quote ? Do you think Mr. X has potential of doing research, forget about the idea it comes secondary. There is a person say Mr. X and he has a capability to do the research. He knows he can go beyond any body’s expectation he knows how a person can fly and he knows what he is talking about. Only thing is that he do not know how to survive. Take an example of Gautam Buddha he knew what he wanted in life he went beyond the word called love. He left his family, children and his palace. Why ?

Those people are great or become great who give sacrifices what has you done for the sacrifice ? Why do you call yourself as researcher if you have not done any sacrifices and you have not found something new. Researcher is very good tag given to many people in many world. It means that you are capable of finding something new and innovative, something beyond some one expectation, something or some useful info beyond any body’s imagination.

There was this person called Mr. X once upon a time- He had a very good capability to find the new things but his capability was hidden. He could not found any solution to his problems. He was lonely despite being with thousands of his friends. He liked every body but every body has some different opinion about him. He regarded every one as the same but he was treated differently by every one. It does not mean that he didn’t like how he was treated but he liked the way people treated him. He was very funny, some time very intellectual and sometime very boring to his friends but then he started to realize that whatever he does and whatever he is doing is actually good and It is his daily mood that makes a climate or let’s say he thought something similar, it is his way of thinking that makes his world and so on. The story was the beginning of his era then after suddenly he has to struggle in the complicated world for his survival. He could not find the suitable environment where he can live up to his expectations and deliver what he is really capable of. Suddenly he realized that nothing is in our hand and we are bound by some imaginary force which i sour life. We just do what we feel doing, we just go if we like to go and we eat what we wish to eat but one thing that is not in our hand is the unexpected event that occurs in between what we think and what we achieve.

This is the reality. Let me give you one example. Suppose I want to go for shopping and I decide to go to shopping. Now When I am ready to go for shopping, I just start walking towards the shopping mall. Unfortunately I fall down in the road but don’t know why ? Who is the creator of this event ? I never decided to fall down in the middle of road, but who did this ?

Another example I am preparing a food and I was chopping a potatoes but again while chopping a potatoes I chopped by own finger. Who decided to do this ?

Was it me who wanted to cut my own finger ? Of course not, as I am selfish of my life as all human beings are. Then the big question is who ? That big question is the mystery and we call that mysterious thing is done by some mysterious person called God, or Unknown or Some Vague concept or what so ever.This is what we need to find out ! Can you do it ? Just give a try ! If not, then Mr. X can but one problem is their with Mr. X and that problem is clearly stated in the quote.
(Mr. X is unknown, mystery and totally factious.)

  1. February 24, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    good philosophy!!! But i wonder if god was a researcher and if he is responsible for what we do,he would not let us fall or cut as he is always for our well being.If this is true,then is there any third party who is responsible for it?????I WONDER…….

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