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Everything is judge by the words, it is the words that will give you the first impression about the man. You can say that you want to talk with this man or you do not want to talk with the words he speak for you. Sometimes knowingly and unknowingly also we are hurting some people in front of us. Even if we do not want to hurt them, they will get hurt just by those words.

It is always good that we take notice of what you are going to speak, check it twice that what you are speaking is not going to come back after it is released therefore one must take proper care before saying to anyone anytime. I remember one story when i was very young, The teacher said to me that there are 3 different kind of people in this world. The Very first kind of person is that who speaks without taking in notice what he is speaking. Many people from South east Asia belongs to that group. Well, The data what I am presenting has no proof but this is what I think. Second type of people are those who take very short time and speak, i will put those people from Arab world and some part of developed world. Third kind of people are those who speak very less and take a lot of time before they speak. Generally, those kind of people I think are from Europe and America.

However, There are different kinds of people and they can be anywhere mixed up. Let me not distinguished them. Why I am talking about this phenomenon is that- We all speak but it does not matter what we speak, the most important thing that matter is what we speak and is somebody getting something out of what we are speaking. Silence is the best medicine if you are not having good times with your partner or your girl friend or any body around you.

One Gautam Buddha was meditating under a tree. One man came and spit in his face. Without a reason, he said you are coward, you do not lack courage, you are not direct, you are this and you are that… Buddha did not said anything to him. He continued what he was doing. Next day same man came and ask the sorry from the Buddha. He said, God please forgive me for my sin. Buddha replied- what you have done wrong ? Whatever you have done is not wrong. Man was shocked with his answer. This is what happens. Silence will give realization. Silence will teach you what to do and what not to do.

Silence is the best medicine for not hurting anyone. Silence will tell you about yourself, about who you are and what you have to do. Silence will give you deep satisfaction on what you are presently doing and silence is the best in realization. Silence will teach you. Silence will talk with you all the time. Suddenly when you go into silence you will then come to realize that you are not single you are not alone, there is some one with you. I don’t know about others but some times I think I am talking with myself, actually it is not me alone there is some body with me with whom I am talking. I found a very beautiful, nice , mysterious, strong, wise and very best creature inside me. I don’t his name, I don’t know where came from, I don’t know his identity, family and I do not have info about him but he is with me all the time when I am in silence. He talks with me. He says-“Santosh, you are good at what you do so just do what you feel doing”. He is always very positive and He is the best I can describe.” If you want to get similar partner then go in silence,live in silence and be passionately curious about him/her. Silence will lead you to that person whom I am describing.All our pleasures are connected with our deeds. With dissatisfaction comes misery and a dissatisfied man is full of misery. It is up to you do decide what you want at the end of the day.

  1. February 29, 2008 at 9:38 am

    It is true that sometimes the silence is good way not to hurt anybody. And often it is better be in silence than speak. But sometimes the silence can hurt also. Let’s say that you have a good friend and then something happend. After a while you are talking with your friend again but he/she is just answering shortly and not saying anything else. In this case I think that the silence hurt more than knowing what’s going on because you can only guess or make your own assumptions, which normally are wrong.

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