Memories remains

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The topic reminds me of my own past. Why our memories reminds of something beautiful and something very fascinating ? What is that makes us smile when we think of our past. I know we all most of the times think about the future and do not care what we do at the present but sometimes when we are alone and thinking nothing then comes the most glorious day or moment you have had with. It comes from no where it just pops out in your brain and you start thinking that yes those were the momoents we cherished and those were the good things we did or those times were very good, outstanding or infact most beautiful days. Why ? Can our present also be like that some way ? Can we say that today morning this happen, or this thing was very good and i am doing happy or i am cheerful or i feel i am very excited. Often we ignore the present and there is a lot talk going on about the present byu various intelligent and creative people. As you see- I am not so innovative and I do not think I am creative, Here I am talking about memories remains. Song by Metallica which is very nice in its own sense.

A google search using the term will come up with many hits before we get anywhere close to origin of the word. There is always a what question in our mind when we ask about what remains in our memory.

What remains in our mind is the event that has occurred already and we think we have overcome or succeeded that event, we are not ready for the present event or function so we do not know much about it and we do not want to talk or discuss about it that much but the same event after some time we will remember and rejoice it. It would seem that I am making some stupid assumptions but I think I am true.

Based on the informal observation, it can be seen that we are somehow connected to our past and we do walk the very next step or let’s say we take the next step in our life based on our past event or activity also it is worth mentioning that we are what we were in the past but with little change in environment, culture , adaptation and to our core values.

To sum up, What remains is memories which are good to remember some times and most important things are free as the moments are free, time may seem money but even time cannot bring money when we relate it to our past. Money is for nothing despite the reality says Men are for Money, by the Money and with the Money and I could not still find out What women are for. Anyways, Memories remains and I hope even if it is pleaseant as well as unpleaseant it will bring some smile in your face too.

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