Depression Consular

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

We have International, National Coordinators in the university. We have big guys or one of the major person in the university like Professors, Rector and various top level people but we do not have depression consular. The idea of having the depression consular came into my(our) mind when we were discussing something in the kitchen. Teemu, Daniel and me were among the conversation about why not to have a derepssion consular in all the university around the world. In west, students are getting depressed very easily.

We can see the example of many such events happening now a days. Students are loads of pressure, they are suffering all the time lack of food, job, proper care and depression all the way. Students are the one who gets depressed very easily because of so many factors and constraints. The pressure gets inside the head of student very easily. There should be some kind of authority who handles it with due care. Not just passive authority but the one who is active, the one who listens very carefully to the problems faced by the students in daily rigmarole.

Based on the informal observation and no scientific data I would suggest that it is very good idea to keep some kind of authority who can take care of various events and various activites of students. Not only the students from home land but also from the International. It can also be seen in some countries that students are sleeping in garden because they could not afford to have their own house to live. The situation is even worse when you have to be stranded in the airport for days to find some suitable place to survive or live.

The biq question is who is responsible for this ? Is it a student itself ? How can we blame on ourselves. If students keep on blaming to themselves then will start getting more depressed and do some unusual activites. There should be some mechanism to ensure the proper care and open a depression consular in every authority.

Well, It is a idea which needs some proper care and should be implemented but the big question is when ? If it is not going to be implemented soon then we should be ready to face the consequences in near future.

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