Paralyzed Kathmandu

February 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcome to the Kathmandu city, capital of Nepal. Country of its own. We treat our guest as god, we are country of this… country of that… but one we lack basic sanitation to our own country men. The city dwellers, pedestrians and all the people lack food, electricity, petrol and some basic things that is required in survive in normal daily life.

To tell you the reality we are paralyzed. We cannot move. We do not have petrol. We are good at words and only good at words.In paper, it says that we are second in highest to produce electricity but we have to buy electricity from the country where we sell electricity. Why ? We lack petrol and we cannot move. Now all Nepali should realize that the main idea behind not providing the petrol is that we are far sighted people we know that in future the whole world will one day face the same consequences therefore we are practicing this from now. See, We are quite ahead in the dates.

Today we are 2064 while the world is just 2008. We are traveling in future while the world is traveling in past. It does not matter for us if we are not given an opportunity for job, for basic sanitation or for electricity we will be silent and listen to what our government do because whatever they do, they do for us, for country and for ourselves.

We love our government, our prime minister, home minister and their relatives because they might be relative to each other but they are “my relatives too”.
Paralyzed Kathmandu city. See more news if interested what’s going on. We are practicing future. Welcome to Nepal if you wish so.

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