Sound of Footsteps…

February 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tuck Tuck Tuck…..Tak Tak Tak……Tik Tik Tik… Tuk Tuk Tuk….

Dont laugh ! This is how the sound of Footsteps are when you listen very carefully to it. I have been watching the sound of the Footsteps of my own together with the footsteps of others. Have you ever paid any attention to the sound of Foot. There are very few people who will have time or do focus of the sound of their foot. We tend to forget these simple things in our life. We should remember that these simple things give lots of pleasure in our life. Try it once and you will feel total joy, and i am sure you will smile when you will here your own sound of your own foot.How does this happen technically, When the foot strikes with the object which is solid and then there is some kind of vibration in both the object and your foot which produces sound.

Isn’t it very sweet to hear the sound of your foot and realize the speed or the behaviour of human. I personally think the behaviour of let’s say these kind of gesture also determins how we think, and what we basically are looking or let’s where we are heading towards.

Why should you believe in me ? Please don’t, try to experience or try it yourself then you will come to know What I am saying. We live in free world where we all have freedom of speech and expression so please go ahead.

Sound is sensation which has to be felt with the realization that we are alive. This is what I think about the Sound of footsteps of mine. Now, Its your turn therefore Ladies and Gentleman, Go ahead..

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