Cool, Smart and Intelligent

February 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am really very cool, smart and Intelligent. You know why ? I am the most intelligent animal in whole planet. I am Monkey. When we tease our friends or our child for some reason we just give them a name called Monkey. We often say- Stop behaving like a monkey, Don’t be monkey. Be human. Do not behave as if you are animal. Are monkey’s any way related to us. Yes they are becasue we call them our anchestors. Sometimes we see the connection with them. Research also prove that many people do look like the animals. The face of dog matches the face of humans. Well, I don’t know which face of human will match this intelligent animal but I think it does. What differentiate between this animal and us ? The difference is that they are not well behave. They do what they feel doing. They cannot make decision. Even it is true that they are more intelligent then we are. As in today’s context people are not more intelligent then the animals because people have forgotten the real purpose of living in the planet. We should realize that we should behave just like humans not like animals with other humans. We should stop war, crime and unlawful activities that happens in every day life. The big difference is that they do not follow any rule and they do what they wish but the fact is that we follow the rules beside that also we do that activity which makes us realize that we are very close to them. After all how can we forget that We were evolved from them ! Actually Nothing else matters because we all know that despite the fact i can show to the whole world that I am cool, Smart then anybody else in the whole planet and Intelligent but I should always remember that It is somebody else who should say these qualities to you not me describing about it to others. I always remember the that “nothing else matters.. ” The song sung by Metallica. It clearly states whatever we do, Whatever we did and whatever we are doing does not matter as long as we behave as a normal human. We should not show off but it should be automatically be seen by others that we have following three attributes. I am no cool, I am no smart and I am no Intelligent but I am learning to be cool, smart and intelligent. Take a look at the picture again- Does it says something to you. Yes it say that I am wearing a black glass which says I am cool, I really look cool and I am feeling something which no body else can feel. Where is that feelings in human ? Is only war the final solution to all the problems ? Why are we willing to kill each other ? If I kill somebody tomorrow does it mean that I am strong. I can if i wish and it is not difficult task. Ask all the followers of Oshama bin laden, Al Qaida and rest. Or let’s say Maoist Rebels, they will tell you what they can do for their leader and theri party.

Learn from the picture , it can tell you thousand things that What my writing won’t. I write because I am free to put my expression and I have an opportunity given by . Thanks to that. I hope we will behave as a human as we are the most creative, innovative and intelligent then any other species in planet. I pray with all mighty if he exist that we will build a better future for our children. Let us do one activity every day that will bring joy, or smile in some body else face rather than other way around. Remember that I am no cool, smart and Intelligent.

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