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Who is great ?

February 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Let me start with the animals, there are lots of animal rights, there are lots of orgranization taking care of animal rights every where in the world. What do these orgranization do for the rights of animal. They spread awareness about endangered animals and those which are killed. They are great ! Those Orgranizations are outstanding and the leaders of those orgranization are great.

Now, Let’s say we have thousands of Human right organization in different parts of world. For e.g especially in developing world where we can find many such organization. They have some basic duties at some level. Some human right organization take proper care of Women, Child and one among other things. They are great.

Similarly We have hundred of different countries and different leaders of those country who is representing their country with their culture, dignity, sovereignity and self honours they are great.

If all these human beings are great then who is not great ? Who is the one who do not want to do good for different aspects or different factors in life. I mean to say that why we have war today ? Who is creating the environment which is worse to live ? Why can’t we just have one single vision of doing good for country, animals, our relationship and to be more innovative or let’s say to see the world as one global single entity ? What is wrong is doing this ? The more we look at our inner self the more we will find out. To some extent money is big issue in different aspect of life. Our values, our dreams and our motivation level has great impact with “money”. Next big issue is “land”, we want more. We are not satisfied with what we have. Why ? This is our nature as a human, as a country. We want to show off. We have to prove to others that we are great. What is the benefit of proving to others that you are great when you know you will not end up anywhere. We can become the greatest nation is world in terms of economy, infrastrucure, politcal stabilty, stocks or what so ever but we can become great only when we help in others becoming great or let’s say teach them how to walk the path that you already have travelled.

No one is great, no country, no human, no animals and no nature. Only thing that becomes great is our vision of how we see, visualize, realize and feel about this word “great”.Let us go hand in hand to tackle some unexpected happening in near future. God love mother nature and we all love the god. Therefore let’s creat an atmosphere where we can breath with total satisfaction.

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