You are two steps ahead …

February 9, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every women is two steps ahead of every men, Do you agree ? Well, if you don’t then why, I do not have any proved facts about this but i can tell you this because of my own personal experiences. We are guys and guys will be always guys. We like fancy cars, bikes and one among other stuffs but girls are also there who like these things but they are born with strong mind set and strong heart. The nature of girl is very different than any other male counter part. They know what they are doing and they are capable of doing what ever they wish. They have the talent that no man will ever gain in the world through his life only thing is that they do not want to show up.Once I was watching a movie by Al Pacino and he said, ” The day we stop seeing them the day we will die” ! Don’t you think it is true. I personally think it is very true. When did we didn’t see any girl ? We always want to see then no matter what, we always need the care they can give us. Only thing is that we sometimes get fed up with the extra cares she wants to give or rather let’s say we want to change in the way that we need more. We are linked with them in very deep way and we will never can reach anywhere from them. “Behind every successful man there is women”. I don’t know how this comes to be true but I think yes, it is true. It is also true that women also likes successful man. They are very clever. Every body wants to be with those person who are successful because people think successful man has everything, every talents, he is good in whatever he does and he is the best in society of something. Well, if we look deep at the word “women” it says everything. “Wo” is extra added in the “men” word. It is reference to my previous article. This valentines day my tribute to all the great women in the world, and to all the women in this planet earth, You are great ! Without you we are nothing. Triubte to all the women and God bless Women ! Happy Valentines day to every women in every culture, every society and every country.

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