Must Vs Should

February 7, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was in the kitchen again, my one of the favorite place sitting with my best friend that is my aloneness and my laptop. Doing nothing. I was preparing a coffee. Then my friend came “Dainel” I don’t remember how it started but we started the converstation about relationship. It all began something like this- If a man is working and going to work and women is staying at home What would you expect your women to do ? She must do the household works, she must prepare food and she must do all the rest of the houshold chores. Well, I did not know why My friend Daniel thought like this but together with him My finnish friend Teemu also agreed with him. Now It was me who was alone defending myself. I would say that It is not must, It should be “should”. I know they were right and it is true because if one is going for work and working his hard ash to earn to feed for a family women should do the other things. But I did not agreed on this. There are several factors why ? Why is that we expect that girl must do the work at home ? Let us think for some time that we are women and now think we are going for work and coming back home and we expect our husaband to prepare food and one among other stuffs. Is that we would say Husband must ? Can all the women in world agree with this ? Will every one expect their husband must do house keeping ? The word itself says that “Must” is made for men and “should” is made for women. You know why ? Care, affection and attraction comes with the women and with the word should. But aggression comes with word must. I don’t know we had very good conversation about 10-20 minutes abou this and I felt it very good. I was trying to defend myself and it was obvious that it is always difficult to convince people throught your speech. In just 10-20 minutes of discussion we talked about relationsip, religion, history, present and future. It is always good to share ideas because tomorrow i may die but ideas will never die.

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