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I am in the kitchen, asking my finnish friend about the one word that he likes most and he says-“Peace”. What is this word and what is the true meaning of this word called peace. Is peace has something to do with peace of mind, peace of soul, rest in peace or peace in earth or peace of family or peace for truth. Every body has the defition for the peace, every body has described abou the word called peace. From John lenon to the guy who sang “No women no cry” every singer, every great politicans and every great writer has focus this word called peace. “Give peace a chance by john lenon”. What did he do wrong. He was just singing the song and that song was had nothing to do with his personal life. Is war a peace ? How can man acheive a peace or go into the state some one calls it as peace for the inner self. Can you imagine a world where you can get this state of mind where you would say I am feeling peace in my mind and heart. When would you say that ? Or you have never heard about this before. Why do we call when some one dies “Rest in peace” ? Is it because he did not attain this phase when he was alive ? Is that state never never achieved until a person dies ? What is the reason we call a person Rest in peace ? I do not see any more reason then the reason itself. I am resting in peace because i did not live a life in full peace. I committed sins and I am living my life with full of tensions, crimes, struggle and so on. I did not have 10 minutes out of my one single day (24) hrs to see blue sky and to see the beauty of earth. Start seeing the patterns in the sky, Every day there is new patterns in the sky, have you asked why? It is just for us. The one who created this wanted us to know that every day is different- every day i am making new patterns in the sky and ever day i am giving you to explore yourself live upto your expectations and live a life with the feeling of peace. Peace cannot be described in single article and i am not perfect person to do so. I am doing it because may be some one will one day attain this state peace before resting in peace.

  1. February 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    ‘No woman no cry’ is not sang by John Lenon. he never sang this song. Bob marley n fuzzes sang this songs…

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