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Welcome to the world of “My”, we are very much cautious to our belongings, we like our things very much. We like them so much that we think they are for ours and ours only. The world is changing now; in west our things are valued very much because they are bought by us. Don’t you think we value our things a bit too much, e.g. my wife, my life, my things like my laptop, my house, my bike, my car, my wallet, my furniture’s etc. Why do we value our things so much? We value our things are we think they will remain there forever with us because we work hard to buy them and after buying them we think they are only useful and for us. What I think is, we are too much into this. Let me take you to the beginning, well, we were born single- any doubt? Probably not! We are going to die single. Hopefully this is universal truth, now why do we think the things in this world are ours. Did they come with you when you were born? Did these things will go together with you? Do you believe that these are living for ever and you are living in this world forever? Think about the paragraphs and then think about the word or characters made of two letters “M” and “Y”. The word cannot be changed the meaning is only one. M=me and Y=you. It can be interpreted as M can refer to the self and Y can be you or the things or your wife for e.g. why do we believe that our wife is our alone? Girls are very unpredictable; they also don’t know what is going on in their own mind. Your girl friend cannot be yours then how come the things you bought can be yours? It is our natural way of living a life, once we become mature and start living a life-we tend to forget things. The things that are very natural and those are universal. There is always a need for someone who can tell these things are remind you that there is something very powerful and which is beyond our imaginations. That is no super human; no special Robert but Nature and nature balances everything for its own existence. We should rather think these things and live a life for just one single day. Imagine a living a life for a single day! Don’t get panic. Take it easy. None of the things you have are yours and they will never be yours. You are living in a virtual world. The virtual world will not teach you the real meaning of life. The real existence of human beings and the real way of living like a humans. Today we are very much into virtual world; In future tomorrow we will surely become virtual humans. Since I myself live a life for a day- I do not know whether I will exist tomorrow or not but if you will exist please be natural and live a life of humans rather than being proud of yourself of calling that you are human but internally you are not.

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