Fear of Failure

January 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Fear of failure is very good thing, i am afraid i think i will not clear my master’s. Why am i worried so much may be because if i will fail in this subject i will not be able to live here. Who is going to give me money ? What would happen if i will fail. Surely, I am going to be depressed. I am depressed now and i will be more depressed. Is there any alternative with this ? What if i fail the entire course and not be given chance to write this course again? Why are we afraid of our failures ? Why these failures makes us more depressed ? Why people always smile ? Is living in this planet is all about success and only success. Who thinks Darwin is right ? Struggle for existence. To exist in this planet we have to go through these failures and have to struggle with other species.With the species of our own. We cannot eat each other flesh can we ? The days are not very far. When there will be imbalance then surely the that time we will have to struggle for food. There is vast competition between each of us. Every body is talented. Every body can deliver upto their potential and they are passionate to do the work. Whom to choose ? I myself is trying very hard to get through this but i could not. I ain’t got any job. No money, sometimes I listen to this song ” I am hustle… am am.. hustle hommie… ” Struggling all the way for food, little money to pass this life… and little bit of smile on face. I am worried of failure and i am really worried how to get though this. In life we always something new, always afraid of something and for me i am worried of this failure because this will bring me right down to the earth. I am hopeless,depressed and sad. I am passionately curious but being curious does not give me any pleasure and happiness. Let me see… What happens… Let me pray… Let me have this hope.

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