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Some times I am so worried about you that I could not keep my mind steady. I am really worried about you thinking what you might be doing at this time. I do not know what is this ? I think if you will be remembering the way I am remembering you. I think those golden days when we were together. Why can’t we be together again ? There are lots of factor which come in between I hope you understand this. I Pray to God that you will be there until I come back, I Pray to God that you will be the same person and you will not change. you will remain as I left you. How can I tolerate myself if you will change ? How will I feel if you will gone ? Am I worried about the failure or am I really worried that you will leave me ? I don’t know what is this. Life is a journey and is very difficult to take this journey single. No one likes to travel this journey alone. Every one need some one who can care each other through this journey. It is a responsibility of both people in journey to take care of them and handle the situation with due care. I am in west part of this globe. people are modernized, developed and highly skillful. I am watching them-learning from them and thinking why are they like that. When I was child I used to think why there is separate country and different people with different color of skin ? Now I am learning , Why is it so. Will you be there ? How would you know how many times I remember you here ? Will we ever meet again ? What happens if I die and could not make it ? Do take care in any circumstances and do not hesitate to fight with anybody. Not physically, but with highly motivated mind. Talk about the women rights, live life the way you want to live. If I could not come then do remember that the words you wanted to listen from my heart would one day come but that day is lost in the calendar. Do assume that that lost day or date. It will give you some kind of hope. Hope will give you motivation to live a life. In case, you would be asked to get married listen to your heart. Whatever you will be doing and whatever you will missing-I will be doing the same here. The factors that had made us apart will one day bring us together. Let’s hope and pray. Let’s listen to our heart and inner soul. To make promise is easy but to live with that promise is challenging and to make that promise true is most difficult thing in this planet. I will living with the promise I made to you- I hope you doing the same. Nothing can be hidden. you cannot hide anything. Even if you wish to do so you cannot. The first looks on your eyes will tell everything to me. Be careful and I will be too.

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