Girija Prasad Koirala is Dead.

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

(This is my personal message and i am not responsible for any person living or dead in this article.NO one is responsible and all the words are author’s own personal opinions.)

Well., People don’t get suprise to see the titile fo the article as Prime minister of Nepal is dead. Yes ! Prime minister of Nepal is dead. There are 3 bomb attack in 3 different city of Nepal on the same day. Who is responsible ? Why is country in this situation ? Who is the highest working individual in the country ? Isn’t is our prime minister. What is that he is doing standing there as the prime minster. Do not get suprise by the fact that our prime minster is dead. Yes he is. No news have covered this top story. No one knows but he is dead. He is must responsible person in the country but Now he is no more. So our country is free. There are Now thousands of small group who wants to be in politics.Such as Cobra, JTMM, Tarai Morchaa, 7+1 political parties… and so on…Every body wants to earn name, fame and money in politics in our country. Yes Girija Pradad Koira is dead.This news will be soon be covered in other news paper and TV- channels but this is truth. He is no more with us. Now who is going to rule the country ? Think … Continue..

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