Failed in Course.

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have nothing to write today. Today I got failed in one subject just because Teacher thinks that I have copied some text from the internet and i am not using the references properly or something. I have committed a crime by copying the text of others. This is what the teacher has to say. I am not feeling good. She thinks i am not good at writing, i cannot write a 16 page of report on the subject what she has given. She is an Doctor in her Profession. She has a doctor degree in Economics and she is teaching Cross culture to us. I do not know how people with understanding of one subject can teach the subject they are not good at. People with good experience of the subject should be allowed to teach the subject not just seeing their degrees.

One should know what he/she is talking about.I cannot speak of something i do not have knowledge. She might be very good at this subject or she might be the best but still there should be a provision of giving warning first and at least one excuse to a student to correct the mistakes, if he or she has done it. I have not actually copied but just written it in my own words. I do not understand the philosophy behind reading so many manuals, articles and internet resources and getting “0” at the end. What is that I have learned in the course ? Me coming from different culture to a completely new culture where they do not praise you but tell you in lecture that in my culture people like yellow teeth and it is regarded as symbol of good teeth. Wow, What someone expects to learn from this lecturer when she do not have any knowledge of what she is speaking about. She should first do some research on the topic what she is speaking, some kind of conversation with people from different culture and then she can share her experience in a lecture room. Not just reading thousand books and saying blah blah blah…

There are failures in life- what to do… but these are always with us. we know one day we all are going to fail. No one can pass us in subject of life. That subject is “life”. We all are born and we are going to “die”. This is also a failure. no one can pass us in this matter, We will surely fail in this-even if we want to live we cannot. Besides this, everything is just imagination and virtual living in this planet.

Thank you Dr. (….) for giving “0”.

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