Defect in Coffee Vending machine !

January 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, This a new discovery- a discovery made when me and some of my friends were yesterday evening doing one assignment. One of my friend asked to have a coffee, so we went to a coffee machine to take coffee. Unfortunately we did not easily found the change or rather coin amount of some 50 Euro Cents. My friend found a Nepali coin of 1Rs. I asked him why not to put that coin instead and see if the value of that coin will give us some coffee. I do not know why I asked that question to him but I did. My friend without any hesitation put the 1 Rs. Nepali coin in the coffee vending machine. We suddenly were socked and surprised by what we saw in the display of that machine. It showed the Nepali 1Rs coin equals to 10 European Cents. I was really amused by all this. Wow, People who invented this lacked one thing. How can this happen ? If anyone will put the iron with the some weight and of equal dimension, then it is going to give you some coffee. Well, nothing can be perfect. Machine are generally made by us so it is our defect. The People who think they are best in technological advancement should think again on the defect it has got. They should think that people from east are not great technologically advance but they are not too bad as well. There can never be perfect solution until and unless it is tested with patience. Once there was a professor who was very proud of the vending machine he was happy and proud that it exists every corner in railway station to university to cinema hall to streets, now Mr. Professor there is defect in your vending machine. Do check it. If possible correct the errors. If not leave it just like that- this is just a coffee my dear.The weakness in technological development will cause Oshama bin Laden’s men to easily drop another attack in USA, soon. One should test the system very carefully before letting public to use it. Better luck next time Mr. Professor. Hope you solve the error !

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