Wife of Men

January 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

What is wrong with all men ? I do not wanted to start with this question but I have to. We are the creators,leaders and thinkers. It is because of our extreme power and thinking capability that has made us to reach to the present world. Or it is because of our hard work and effort of each single individual that has made us to come to this point. But despite all the achievements and progress we are not good in one aspect and that aspect is relationship. Once my friend was in very good relationship with a very beautiful women. She was too dedicated to him. Friend has to leave the place and they were separated geographically. but they were still in very good relationship. My friend always used to think that- her girl is not faithful to him. She might be going out with some one else. She might be sleeping with other guy. He was having this fear always. It is not the matter of just my friend but many men in such case always tend to do the same. Why do we not believe in women ? Are all women not faithful ? If you think yes- then think again. Women are unknown. The only species in world which is unpredictable, unknown and most beautiful creature ever made by the unknown again. The unknown creator who created this whole thing, might also get confused if he has to say few words on another unknown creature presently living in this world. Why do all men do not believe easily in women ? Are they not trustworthy ? if they are trustworthy why do they easily change their mind ? If asked this question to all the women in world they would probably say we don’t know. Accept it, This is the truth. No women knows whats going in their mind. They are very clever. They are unknown beautiful creature which will always remain mystery to all men. If you take a deeper look at the word “women” it has two characters more then word “men”. Well, I do not know who created this stupid language called “English” but whoever created did a good job my putting two characters more in the women then in men. What is the meaning of word “women” ? Well, I am not writing the definition in dictionary because I do like to use dictionary and I think that is useless. do “women” mean Wife of Men. the “WO” must be Wife of or something similar to this. However, We as a men always think of sex I do not know women never think of sex in deep sense. I do not think any women will give the first priority to sex until and unless her occupation is sex. Sex is always secondary to them, at least; I think so ! I might be wrong again. But all women want to be cared and they want to be with their everything is words and words do not value as much as emotions and feelings. It is to all men please do trust your women and just be yourself and most importantly talk with your partner even in the situation you do not think it is important to talk. Both species are different in physical and mental structure but one thing is common in both of them that is they both have kind heart inside them which can communicate between them. Listen to it, you will be successful…

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