Living below 0

January 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Are we animals ? Why do we differ from the other animals ? This is very simple thing to answer every body thinks that it is because of our brain we differ from other animals. It is taught right from our child hood that we can think, so we are humans. Well, think again we are humans but it is not because of brain that we differ from other animals. If I say so, then I have to defend why ? I do not know, it is because we can adjust in different environment, we can live in kind of environment, we are adaptable to any climate. we can live in below 0 or above 50 degree centigrade. We have in ourself the adaptability factor which makes us live anywhere in any condition. It does not matter if your brain can think and your brain say…do this do that.. go to office every day, work hard, earn money and wait for weekend to come go for party and entertainment stuffs. Why we follow the same routine time and again ? What is that we end up with in our life ? Living a life should be interesting and new, every day can’t we do something new. We cannot because if we do so we will be doing nothing, just like me. But one thing you will be doing at the same time- that thing is you will be satisfied in whatever you do-that is for sure.
Below 0, is something below average, below pass-fail. below success-failure below top-bottom and so on. I am living a life below 0. Imagine a world where there is no hate, no violence,no judgment, no government and no country. only one single community and every body is living happily in that community but is that possible ? No ! It is not. It can only be possible if there is some damage caused by unknown. Who is this unknown ? The unknown is something or somebody we call as GOD. I called it as our imagination. We all humans always have this tendency to thinking and making a perfect world for us. That perfect world is our imagination and imagination can be true. how ? It is the power of entire human imaginations that will one day make this happen. But for this, we would have to live below 0.

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