Just one day

Life is just like this, we always have to learn from every day lesson we learn in life. I had a job called paper delivery I used to do but now I am alone. It is one of good thing that my good friend gave me the job but it really feels bad when you are doing nothing and you are alone, wasting your time. Sometime I often think why so many people in world are depressed is this whole world is made for only rich people? And why people are depressed commit suicide? Why so many people do not want to live and die the death with honors? This world is not for us. You know why? Because it belongs to those who are doing badly in every day context in every situation. If you take a path of complete truth you will reach no where. Probably you will land to some desert just doing some meditation or will become complete monk but if you will take a path of complete false, speak lie every day and take a wrong way then one day you will end up to highest ranging business executive or you may even become a great politician leading your country. This is what the life is like this. Bob Marley wanted to create peace in whole word and wanted to remove racism from whole word. He thought that music can be used to remove the racism and create peace in world. Well, he could not succeed neither did the Beatles nor any one will ever can create the peace or remove racism from this world. Where there are good things there should be bad things. A single person life is nothing. It is not the script of his own but he can change his destiny by changing the way he thinks. Let me give you an example, If I were smoking 16 yrs of my life can I just quit smoking from the day I will think that I do not want to smoke anymore ? Think on that. I know no body will and there can hardly anyone who will quit it but I can say to you, “you can!”Life is just like this… Today is completing different then tomorrow and tomorrow we do not know what is going to happen. I am not feeling good; I do not know….Life is so boring I do not have anything to do… I am alone… I am depressed … I do not want to write because I am complete looser… why to live a life of complete dull? No skills no talents…. There are more than million writers writing in this world … every body wants to be famous writer… I am no writer. I am no engineer. I could not even be paper delivery boy. Now what Santosh? Will it be good to commit suicide and quit the world? Think my dear think!

Well, when I start to think and think that can I kill myself I remember her, I remember the people associated with me. If tomorrow I am no more what people will talk about me, they will say- “This guy was complete psycho, thanks god he died” what would my father do ? What will he think, who is investing some more than 12 thousand Euro for the studies which hardly can even give some job. I remember the hard work he himself is doing to earn a single penny. I remember when he still is working very hard, for whom? It must be for his children and his children are we. If I do something stupid tomorrow then I will make so many people sad and they will be blamed for what I would do. Well, it is good to live a life of dull, looser, complete asshole and coward then just kill yourself. Those who do think of killing themselves should think about the person associated with them before killing oneself. If you are killing yourself then you are killing everybody around you. Always remember everybody will get his/her turn. We all were born and we all have to die one day. No one can change it. No science, no god and no magic. It is the fact and truth, so why to change this on our own. We cannot decide what is going to happen next no matter what? We are humans and we will be humans, we can have vision, we can share our thoughts we can build great infrastructure we can conquer Mount Everest and land to moon but we cannot change the next 25 seconds of our life. This is truth.
Believe it or not, we all are destined to do something in this world and we all got some kind of talent, It is the time … and the time we realize we got this or that talent we will live with peace and happiness around us.

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