Curious Struggle

I have no special talents, I am passionately curious. I do not know about life, about love, about romance, about this whole world. Is life a struggle, what is this word called struggle. My friend always hates this word called struggle. What is the real meaning of the word struggle? Is struggle something to do with faith? Is it survival of the fittest by Darwin or is it just living a life. Well, if I have to ask my mind about the word struggle, I would rather say struggle is way of living a life normally. Or rather specially. What I mean to say is struggle is living the way of life just like that. We wake up every day, we do our morning duties, we start preparing a tea or coffee then we just get ready for the job or something and we begin to live. But don’t you think that the time we wake up the time we start struggling the time we go to bed the time we get satisfaction of struggle. I do not know, my friends back home always say to me, “Santosh, you are very talented. Well, I do not have any special talents nor do I have special skills I am just passionately curious about the thing that I do not know and the things that I always want to know.
Life is full of struggle and why do we struggle like for a good job, good car, best husband or wife and may be for a good life. Darwin says we struggle for the existence but is he true? I do not think so, we do not struggle for existence but for the existence we have to struggle. Meaning, to live a life is to live with struggle because life is to live and to live we struggle. There is no one to blame for this, it is just us and us alone. No body decides our fate and our decision it’s only us. We should not blame anybody for our cause, because it is always us who decides to do what we wanted.
Some times I think even I struggle to find the right words, yeah may be that is true because the thoughts are so connected and my own lack of English as a native speaker makes me struggle to find the right words but this is what I am passionately curios about that is why I like the word struggle and the way to deal with it. Let’s stop this article here. Let’s start the journey of existence for struggle and be curious about it.

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