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It is today (25th December,07) One of the British guy, well there is only one British guy studying at LUT behave like a racist. He is total racist, how can I say that? He says that he hates us- all the person living in this earth with black or brown skin. We were a very good friend of him before some times back. Later we found out that he is not doing well, for this university and for the whole Finland, He thinks whole Finnish people stupid, he once said to me, “Santosh, I can fool all the administrator and Professor in the University.” I said, “Well, how is that possible?”
He said, “Advantage of my language-English”, I can speak faster then them, I can twist and turn the words, I can use slang like “Do you understand what I mean?” etc. Then I thought why is he doing this, I realized may be for his own benefit. He is selfish, egocentric and real asshole when it comes to thinking that he is the Best. He makes up the story as he wants, he think he can do what he wants because he has a good privilege from the British government. So, Later we found that to make a good relationship like friendship with this guy is not good. We then wanted to ignore him but he started showing his true colors.
He has plenty of advantage from the British government but we do not have. We just came here to study and we want to study but now when we cannot help him with his assignments, project and some other stuff he is behaving like we are no humans. Is only the people from Great Britain are humans? What is our fault of not having White Skin? Why are we always underdogs? Why are we all treated like this? Are all people of Great Britain Racist?
How can we judge a character of person without knowing him? His character does not resemble to any British guy, He is always pretending. What is our fault in helping him complete his studies and letting him with us for some time. We even cooked a food many times and have served him. Now today on Christmas day, “He wrote a email saying that he is racist and he wants to be racist.”

We went to his flat because he wrote one of friends’ an email stating his girl friends thing….
Why does he have to bring the friend’s girl friend in the middle of our discussion. Since we were trying to solve our problem, the problem between British guy, me and my friend. Why does he have to bring my friends girl friend and write some thing stupid on her. What do she has to do with all this? My friend got angry. He still is very angry so my friend decides to go to his room and see him. So, I also went with him and we both went to see this British guy. He now started making things up. Just before calling to Police he said he can do what ever he like in Europe. He has a right to do whatever he wants. So, He called a Police and me and my friend were standing there for a police now, Police came. They asked some general info and asked us to leave as well. Since it is not a big crime or some thing like that.
I want to ask, why we are always in this situation. Why People from Britain think they are racist?” Is all people from this place are like Mr. Mahesh Khakurel- a Nepal born British Citizen.
Who thinks there is no world except in Britain? Why these people our color of skin? What is the cause? Are we not humans are they are? These people hate us may be because we are poor. So what is being poor has to do? Are all people in world are only rich and superior?
I do not know what kind of children Great Britain is making for their future. But it needs to be clearly checked once.

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