Id Mubarak !

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“Id Mubarak”
Well, today my friend came to the apartment we had a very good discussion, nice to see him after a long delay. I also forgot to say, “Id Mubarak”. ! I asked him what he wants to read from me today, He said something about the “Happiness” well, here it is-What is happiness? Can happiness be achieved? Is happiness a state of mind, is it a fun? What is the word called happyness? Let me do some chemist work on this word called happiness or happyness whatever it is/-Breaking the word “happiness”
H: What his character means? Does it mean Human, Does it mean Heart? What is the “H” what is that connection between human and heart. Is the happiness connected to these parts of human body? May be it is connected. Whatever we feel about the word has something to do with these two parts of body.
A: Now comes the Beginning of Alphabet which is “A”. I do not know what “A” resembles may be it is achieved. Or achievement.
P: P can be presence, present or moment.
P: Another P- it can be Poison
Y: Now I am confused, is it “I” or “Y”
So, what is happiness? Happiness is a state of mind- where it can be with you all the time and it cannot be with you even entire your life. Last time I saw a movie called “The pursuit of Happyness”. The whole movie says that, “Happiness cannot be achieved it can only be pursue. Well, I do not believe in that- Happiness can always be achieved, it is the state of the mind where you have to have some space where you can put the happiness in one corner and try to get it from there whenever you feel you want it. It can be done, only question is how ?Well, Happiness is very fast topic to write in a single article I have to realize it so, some lines I have kept it here-
“Happiness is state of mind which triggers when we want that”
To achieve happiness we have to achieve sadness every time, they are interrelated. It is the sadness which is your best friend not the happiness. They are both best friends. But the best for every individual in this earth is sadness because it is the one which lives inside our body, which teaches us many things in our life. So, Happiness is just a state of mind and it triggers only when we want it to trigger. A person cannot be happy all the time but he can be happy all the time if his best friend is sadness.

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