Message from Paulo Coelho

December 22, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today it was abit surprising for me that some great writers like Paulo Coelho has got some time for me to write to me, When i woke up today checking my daily emails.He said he values his readers, Well that is a nice appreciation from the great writer like Paulo Coelho. It is my pleause to recieve the email from him. He also gave me his article of Christmas. Well, There is one question to Mr. Paulo Why in earth he values his reader ? Is it becasue he is afraid of his status.Is it just like that. Or Is it becasuse he cares for his readers. There are many issues when you become famous. You do not want to loose. you always want yourself to see in top. There is one saying that No body no things in whole world is permanent, We all have good days and we all have bad days. Some of the men in this planet are great leaders of the great nation some of the men are just a hard workers. Leadership, Writing skills and other appreciating the theme of life is just not in our hand. I believe nothing is in our hand. No body…can control the next very second of the life. If some thing is going to happen it just happens, call it whatever you wish to call it.., It can be faith…, It also can be anything you wish to put it. This is the way of life we are living, we are a body which is very always in motion. Any ways we always want that moment of our life where we are in motion not to let it go. That is why we always have to come down to earth. Paulo Coelho is great writer and he will be great Writer but …..

He also have to move .. He also has to be in motion and then that moment will be of somebody else. I am not saying that He has something wrong to anybody, He is a fine character and may be a very good human being who is giving loads of knowledge to human beings around the world. But the thing is that, He is afraid …, Deep inside he is afraid…,

Nothing is permanent in this world, May be The words what i am putting here are negative but these words are not negative or positive it is how we interpert or decode them to understand it.

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