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Am I really depressed ?

December 16, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Am I really depressed?

Depression is one of the main causes of defects cause in human body. Why people are more depressed then they were before. Is it because of the climate? How can climate affect the level of energy in human body? Why I myself is feeling depressed. ? These questions are something which is very hard to express. From last couple of weeks I have not been present in Barbara’s class, she must be feeling depressed not to see me, or is it me who is feeling depressed not to see her. Am I a really busy person or is it because of the work load I am having. Some times what I think is that, we all people who I am related with and who I think are here in this country are going through this stage. Is it because of climate and workload? Can climate really affect the mind of people? I do not know weather it is scientifically proved or not. What I think is that, Sun is the energy, From last month I have not see sun smiling as it does in other part of world. Why is he depressed with himself? We are living in place where level of energy is created by human. It is not natural. Some times it may be also the cause why people in Finland speak less. To speak we need energy now, since we all live in dark from where can we expect the energy to get inside our body. I am not seeing smiling anybody. I myself is not smiling. Every body is feeling depressed and so is nature feeling depressed. Life is a journey of uncertainties there are always ups and downs in life. Here in Finland there are loads of resources available but one thing is lacking here which is brightness. It may be also be the cause of less population then any where else. I am making my predictions so this prediction has nothing to do with anybody. Hope fully one day the sun will shine and bring the energy in every individual, make them cheerful and smile for ever and ever. The day is not very far as we do not know how time passes by, life is just like a journey which satisfies the moment we cherish at every time. I hope we are not satisfied and we will not as long as there is life, we all are a human who can just pass the message of love, peace and truth passing by. Nothing is good or bad. Every thing is good it is us who think the things as bad. One day, one of my friends said, “Santosh why did u always say this is good and that is good. Why don’t you use the word bad?” I replied to him, “Well, Nothing is bad my dear friend it is us who think that is bad. Take an e.g. of food if we are eating at this moment, you are saying the food that you are eating is bad but it’s not the food which is bad it is your mouth which is saying the food is bad. It is only the words. The thing is the same and it will remain the same. Similarly, depression is not what we feel inside us it is just what we say. We are happy and cheerful since the time we were born and we will remain the same.

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