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Life sometime really creates loads of problem between friends, it is so easy to break the relationship. That is why i always say, building a relationship or building anything in this world is one of the great thing man has done and man will do. But breaking is done also which is easy. Every body in this planet is looking for the easy solution rather than difficult approach of leading the life. As for example, who better than me, I am lazy, I cannot create the solution for my excercise. I do not want to create it. Why should i create it if someone else can do it for me. I would rather take a benefit of it and use it. Put my name in his name and tell it was done by me. I am really a lazy, there are many factors that depends on that such as time, money, family pressure and so on but who cares every one in this world wants a easy way out.

Now let me explain, last night my friends wanted the code which i could not give ? I know i may sound like a selfish now. But if you think i am selfish now i will ask you the same question later. I am in a group. I am doing the project with the friend who is very good at programming, He has done every thing I have very less part on this project now,my other friends who are doing the same project wants his code or shall i say our code. I could not say our because all the thing is done by my group friend so it is his creation not mine. Now I am in trouble here. I cannot give some one else property to my friends.

These friends think that i am selfish. How can i be selfish on which cirmustances i am regarded as selfish, proudy and greedy or what so ever. I do not understand what the hell is going on. I cannot give some one else creation and in other hand i cannot say no to them. But i took a brave approach and said, sorry ! i could not give you the code because i am not the creator of it. They think i am a selfish guy. They even said,We understand what kind of person you are. Now, I went into deep thinking for some time period. Am i wrong ? May be i am wrong because i am not good at writing code. may be i should quit doing the project and then my other friends will be happy. So i decided to tell them that i won’t be doing the project. But These friends were not satisfied, they say well if you do not want to do the project, that is interesting thing to hear but we still need the code. Oh ! dear ,,,,

Now i want to ask you, am i wrong ? am i selfish ?

Whatever be the case, i decided that i will give the code but only after i finish our group demonstration. This is a real world !

Nothing is permanent, we all need something.May be there would not have been any problem if i could have leart how to program,, but the probleme lies beneath me where i am a poor programmer. No experiences, I do not know how to program.

Every one in this whole world is selfish ! It’s not me or you ! Every body is selfish. I am not hurt by what my friends said to me or what they will say to me because every thing is words. World do not value as much as emotional feeelings. It is because of feelings you understand people not by words. The person who created this planet is also selfish, may be it wanted to find out who the creator was of this world. May be it wanted to worship the creator, or may be it wanted to say that there is always a unreliable map to unexplored territory. May be it wanted to show that there is some one who is above every thing. May be !

  1. December 13, 2007 at 9:07 am

    i understand the situation as you the situation here.

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