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Well, Today is Thursday ! Bright day for every body. Wake up do your morning activites and start preparing for work,study,plans and every other things in detail. Look at the news. !!!!

Finnish 18 year old killed himself and some of his class mate in a school. What a tragedy. President of Finland says, One of the tragedy that she really is speechless.

How many of you thing it is tragedy ?

Think People …. We have to Think….

We live in a planet where people are depressed very easily. Not only depressed but infuenced easily. Why are we following the fucking tradion ? Can’t we do our duty. It is always difficult to choose a right path no matter what. The easier path is really very easy. We just have to do one thing and it will be highlight of the day !

Why do we want to attract attention ? May be because we want to see our creation, our stuffs we like show people our creativity, ideas and thoughts. One of the biggest drawback in today world is that we can attract attention very easily. Just write a blog or post a video in internet which catchs the attention of the audience. But is there any one in the world who do not wants to grab the attention of people. If you want to get famous do not do anything stupid. Yes you will be famous, but just for one day !

Who cares in this fucking planet about any body ? Why should people care about you ? What is that you are giving in this planet ? These are some questions that make a human stupid.

These question really are very strong and depressing too. We all are born as humans. But one thing is creating the chaos and fight among all of us. “DIFFERENCE”

We all are different.

We have difference in physical, mental and emotional senses. We are not same. We also come from differenct culture, background,family and so on.

Who the fuck first created it ? Even if it was created but why ? Now, The reason is we have the difference because without it the world will be no better place. Imagine a world where every body is same. In physical,emotional and mental level. There would never be development, acheivements, accomplishments and what so ever.

It is understood that we all are different but my topic today is “THURSDAY”

Why this thursday is so gloomy.

So sad, Thursday was the day ! Every people wants that fame. If i would have to say something i would rather blame the media, internet, and behaviour of human.

When every day is same. The days passes quickly. We are bored with it. We like changes but not only inside us but outside too. We want to do something very strange and some how catch attention of people.The question now a days is not how ? but the question is when ?

Internet is killing all of us. We are so seek with it that we want to learn,earn and make fun with it.

I will blame internet for creating this tragedy. Imagine a world without internet.
No plagarism, no information and no communication what so ever.

But in we will have creativity, creation and developments to in some other way.

I do not know what the shit i am writing here …….

The tragedy what took place was not good and awful.

I am sorry to those who have faced a negative consiquences with it. The impact with this show that nothing is in control. You can make thousand rules. Every body will follow the rule but there is always some one who does not like being ruled.

Let it be free. Every thing. Make every thing free. No charges for communicaton, no charges for morning and evening food and no charges for studying. Then the world will be better place.

I do not know who the fuck created this language called “English”

But whoever created it…., It was a job well done.

We do have difference but we have one thing in common. Language … at least most of the people in world speak this language.

Do not believe in what Darwin said or Da Vinci. Belive in what your heart says at that moment. Becasue every thing in this planet is good. and whatever you belive is natural. Go along with your heat. If you want to rape somebody go and do it. Do not ask. Do not hesitate. Do whatever you feel. Just Do it.

Fuck off all the books, Fuck off all the rules. Who cares !!!!

But before you do anything THINK TWICE-

You can do whatever you want untill and unless you are hurting another human being or living entity.

Do not hurt any living beings !

So live your life. Life is just one day ! We all have problems we all have troubles in our life. But Just learn in that moment. Think and Learn. Do what ever you feel. Do not go by rules. If you like then go by rules but if you do not like them fuck off. Just live a life of simple human being.

Always remember :

Learn by doing. !

To sum up,

It is not good that we humans are depressing. It is the climate, nature that is depressing. Our actions are controlled by Nature. We need to find out how this nature can be controlled not our actions.

Imagine how can you control next 1 hr of your future time. Let me give you and example. I have to meet my wife today near airport at 7pm.So, What’s come in my mind. Start the car.
Check the fuel is enough or not.
If it is not enough fill the gas.
go to airport
pick her up
and come back home.

These are some of the simple statements that comes in a simple human. Now let’s do it.

When we transform our thoughts into ACTION

We are not sure what might happen. I could not reach to airport because I got Flat Tire. Now what ?

How did it happen ?

Who did this ?

I have not thought about this but how could my tire get flat.

And then we try to find alternatives. This is the point where we cannot do anything. This is the place where our plans are not controlled by our action. We are not the controller of our action but some body else is.

Who is that ?

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